What I learned

IMG_9017.JPGLearning as many say is a never ending process and it has been true to my life. The course of learning may not be smooth and planned but now and then, here and there we keep piling knowledge one above another. It had never been so interesting to learn than this time. Academic education always came with some kind of pressure- to achieve good grade, and other learning to get a job or keep a job. But this time like wise people said of life, it was my hobby and neither it had to do with job nor with good grades.

Half and hours to more after class time was spent talking on wide range of topic, from stories of ghost to humane stories of mankind. Quick on providing comments and understanding of participants perspective helped to improve our  photography work. However, he kept forgetting  our names and it always worked as an icebreaker in the class. I don’t know what I will be called on tomorrow class which also happens to be last session of workshop.

RajeshYadav,one of the participants, and his different perspective never felt to make class more interactive and bring smile. It would have been a boring one not having him in a class and probably Deependera sir will miss him the most.

Anyway formal class will come to an end tomorrow but practical will start then onward. Visualise it, Frame it and Click it.


My one click decision to enroll in SCC Explore Photography workshop benefited with technical and aesthetic knowledge of taking picture and photography. Our mentor Deependra Bajrachary, professional photographer and more, not only taught the basic of photography but of life through sharing his experiences.  19265259_1549373428459626_1781626014_n



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